Storage Units, Hickory, NC

Enjoy convenient access to your belongings as long as they are kept with us.

At Thornburg & Associates, Inc., we offer complete property management solutions, including convenient storage unit rentals to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need interim storage during a move or are looking for long-term storage options, our local storage facility will match your requirements for safe, secure storage space. Our storage units range in size from 10×15’ to 10×20’, and with a simple application you can find the short or long-term storage solution you need.

As a local property management company, we often find that our storage units serve our clients well on several levels. Not only can you utilize a single company for all of your storage needs, but you will also have convenient access to your belongings as long as they are kept with us. We take special care to ensure that our facility is secured around the clock, and we apply the same expert property management regulations that we do for our rental properties.

Our storage units are located at the Longview Lock Up, 209 23rd St SW Hickory, NC 28601, and are available by application. Tenants can choose the size of the unit they need and how long they anticipate needing storage space. You can download our application form here.

If you have questions about our storage unit availability and pricing, contact us today for more information. Applications can be submitted in person at our office or mailed to P.O. Box 3443, Hickory, NC 28603. Thank you for choosing Thornburg & Associates, Inc. for all your property management needs.

Storage Units & You: FAQs to Help You Through

Many of us could use just a little extra space these days! Whether you have recently moved a parent or partner into your home, have a child home from college, are in the middle of decluttering, or are in the process of moving, there are numerous times when storage units can be beneficial. If you are looking for a storage unit, here are a few questions you might have:

What sizes do you have?

We have storage units in sizes that range from 10×15’ to 10×20’. You can often add another, smaller unit if you find you cannot fit all your belongings into the first.

What can I store inside my storage units?

Almost anything that you need! We store all kinds of things here at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. and can help guide you in the right direction. Storage units are great places for extra furniture, seasonal items, appliances, or even tires.

What cannot be stored inside my storage units?

Storage units are not meant for anything living, things that will mold or mildew, or things that may attract pests. Anything that is combustible or flammable is also not allowed to be stored in storage units.

When can I access my items?

Anytime you need to during our hours! As long as someone is there, we can let you access your items in your storage unit.

These are just some of the questions that we come across when it comes to our storage units. To learn more about our units or if you have other questions, please give us a call today.




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