3 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Property Listings

If you are trying to attract new renters to your property, you need to know how to advertise effectively. While property listings seem simple and straightforward to read, as they don’t require any fancy literary techniques, they are more difficult to write than many people realize. Our team here at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the real estate industry, and we have mastered the art of property listings. In this article, we’ll cover three mistakes we see again and again and go over how to avoid them when writing your own.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Property Listings

  1. Too Much Jargon- One mistake that many people make when writing property listings is including too much real estate jargon. While the meaning may be clear to you and your colleagues in the industry, the terminology is likely to be confusing to the average renter. We recommend using plain, everyday language in order to make your listing more accessible, and thus attract more interest.
  2. Too Many Details- Another common mistake that writers make when composing property listings is trying to include every single detail about the property. Too many details can easily overwhelm the reader, causing them to lose interest. Instead, try to highlight a handful of the most important features and amenities of the property, and show what makes it unique.
  3. No Next Steps- Lastly, it’s a mistake not to end your property listings with a call to action. You should always provide clear next steps to your reader so that interested parties can follow up easily.