9 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Property
Manager [infographic]

Owning property and renting it out to gain extra income is great, until you realize everything that goes into being a landlord. Whether you’re new to the landlord game or you’ve been renting properties for years, here are a few telltale signs it’s time to bring on our team at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. as your property management company.

9 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Property Manager [infographic]

  1. You have multiple properties—Renting out one property may feel like no problem, but when you acquire several, things change. Managing multiple properties at once can be a full-time job, so leave things up to our team.
  2. You don’t live close to your properties—Some issues can be easily dealt with regardless of your location, but others require you to be close by to resolve, so they don’t eat up all your time.
  3. You’re juggling multiple responsibilities—Do you work full-time, part-time, have kids, or have other responsibilities? Handling everything on your plate can be tough, so hand off your property management duties to our team.
  4. You feel stressed by your landlord duties—Is being a landlord negatively affecting your health and happiness? It’s probably time to hire a property management company.
  5. Collecting rent every month is a nightmare—Dealing with tenants who are constantly late on paying their rent is nothing short of irritating. Streamline this process for yourself and your tenants by partnering with us.
  6. You have a hard time finding good tenants—Good tenants are hard to find. Minimize your vacancy rate and enhance the quality of your tenants by letting our property management team take over marketing.
  7. Finding reliable contractors is tricky—Researching and scheduling contractors to take care of your properties can be a big time burden. Our property management team can take over this process, so you don’t have to worry.
  8. You’re ready for a more “hands-off” approach—Whether being a landlord is too time-consuming or frustrating for you, our property management company can take over so you can simply enjoy the residual income.
  9. You’re unfamiliar with rental laws—Many laws exist to protect tenants and landlords. Our property management company stays up-to-date on these regulations so you don’t have to.