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Season’s Greetings!!!

The merriest and snowiest time of year is upon us. We just want to remind all of our tenants and owners to take precautions to keep pipes from freezing and bursting when temperatures drop to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or below. It is a good idea to open the cabinets under your sinks to allow your interior heat to work on your plumbing. You can also permit faucets to drip to avoid freezing. If you are going to be out of town and/or have your heating system off for any extended period, please notify us and/or the water utility company to shut off your water at the street and then run your water fixtures until the lines drain. That way there is no chance of a pipe freezing and busting. If you do find yourself with a leaky or broken water pipe, please contact us immediately at (828) 328-2936 so that we can arrange for an emergency plumbing repair asap!

For more detailed info on winterizing your home check out this link:

Thank you and stay safe while enjoying the holidays!


Hayden Thornburg