How a Real Estate Agent Can Help Both Landlords and Tenants

In property sales, the buyer and the seller want opposite outcomes–the buyer wants to save as much money as possible, while the seller wants to make as much as possible. The same is true in the landlord/tenant relationship, with landlords looking to make a profit and the tenant looking for an affordable place to live. Whichever side of this equation you fall on, our real estate agents here at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. can help. To convince you, in this article, our team will go over a few of the ways that a real estate agent can help both the landlord and the tenant.

How a Real Estate Agent Can Help Both Landlords and Tenants

  • Tenants: Agents Know What to Look For- If you are looking for a place to rent, we at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. can help you. Our real estate agents have the thorough market knowledge you need to find a place that meets your needs for location, amenities, and budget, as well as to point out issues that you may not have spotted on your own.
  • Landlords: Agents Track Legal Information- Any type of property deal, whether buying or renting, requires a lot of paperwork, and this paperwork in turn contains a lot of personal information. Keeping track of these forms and keeping all your data safe can be an overwhelming task but fortunately, you can turn to our team at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. for help with organizing and protecting this legal information.
  • Both: Agents Negotiate for You- Another way that real estate agents can help their clients is by negotiating on their behalf. With an agent on your team, you’ll be able to get much closer to your ideal price than you could manage on your own, so it’s definitely well worth enlisting their services.