Find a Property That Fits Your Multigenerational Family

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Whether it’s to save on living expenses, provide care for aging parents, or maintain close family ties, more families are opting to live under one roof. At Thornburg & Associates, Inc., we understand that it can be challenging to find a property that accommodates the needs of a multigenerational family. But here are a few things to keep in mind while house hunting.

Find a Property That Fits Your Multigenerational Family

  • Prioritize Space and Layout – Space becomes a premium commodity when multiple generations live together. Open floor plans can be particularly beneficial as they allow for easier mobility and can be adapted to suit various needs.
  • Consider Privacy Needs – While living with family has perks, privacy is often a concern. Opt for homes offering separate living quarters or, at least, private spaces where each generation can retreat. Features like ensuite bathrooms, separate entrances, or even a basement suite can provide much-needed privacy for family members.
  • Accessibility Is Key – If you have older adults or family members with mobility issues, accessibility should be a top consideration. Single-story homes or properties with an elevator can make life easier for everyone. Additionally, you could find a property with wide doorways, grab bars, and zero-step entrances to accommodate all mobility levels.
  • Shared and Private Amenities – A home offering shared and private amenities can be a win-win for multigenerational families. Maybe you can find a property with a large communal kitchen for family gatherings and smaller kitchenettes for individual families to offer the best of both worlds. Similarly, multiple living areas can provide space for family interactions and personal downtime.