How to Communicate with Your HOA Effectively

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For some people, living in a community with an HOA (Homeowners Association) is a dream come true, but for others, it sounds less appealing. The number of HOA communities in the USA has steadily risen over the past few decades, making it more likely than ever that you’ll find the home of your dreams in a neighborhood with an HOA in place.

How to Communicate with Your HOA Effectively

Whether you love the assurance of living in a neighborhood with an HOA or are concerned about following the rules and standards, communication is essential to successfully maintaining a good relationship with your HOA. Here are a few tips for being an engaged community member and navigating interactions with your HOA:

  • Know the communication policy. An HOA should have a policy that outlines how it will communicate with its members and how members can contact management when necessary. Understanding and complying with the designated communication channels will help make every encounter easier.
  • Understand whom to bring what concerns to. There are often many different branches within an HOA, so understanding who is responsible for dealing with what issues will help facilitate prompt and headache-free problem resolution.
  • Keep records. Maintaining a record of communication with your HOA can help you track progress on an issue or concern and ensure they are being addressed.
  • Go to meetings. Attending meetings is a great way to stay informed on the latest goings-on and voice any concerns or questions you have.
  • Stay courteous. Make sure you maintain a respectful and polite attitude, both when speaking face-to-face with board members and when communicating in writing. Confrontational or demanding language not only raises tensions but also looks bad on any records of the communication that are being kept.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you maintain a good relationship with the HOA in your neighborhood and be an active, positive member of your community.