Three Tips for Writing Effective Property Listings

If you are trying to attract tenants to your property, you will need to write a great property listing. Our team at Thornburg & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the real estate industry, and we have written and fine-tuned countless property listings over the years. In this article, we will provide three key tips on how to write a property listing that gets the job done.

Three Tips for Writing Effective Property Listings

1. Make Sure the Property Description is Accurate- The first step to writing effective property listings is to describe the property accurately. If you describe the place as “sprawling” when the property is actually tiny, potential buyers will see through the deception and be turned off. Instead, we recommend that you accentuate the property’s positive aspects and be honest about any negatives while offering suggestions on how to fix them.

2. Choose Your Words Carefully- Another tip for writing effective property listings is to be careful with your word choice. Buyers can tell when you are trying too hard to make your property sound great—for example, everyone knows that the word “cozy” means “small” in this context. In addition, avoid using words like “fixer-upper,” as that implies that the property needs a lot of work.

3. Emphasize Unique Features- A third thing you should do to make your property listings more effective is to emphasize the things that make your property special or different from others on the market. For example, if your property still has the original hardwood floors, mentioning that can help attract renters.